A step back through Sunseeker History

In celebration of the opening of our new Showcase VIP facility, Sunseeker will be embarking on a voyage to remember. The eagerly anticipated Sunseeker Parade will host a collection of classic and current Sunseeker’s as they embark on a journey from Boscombe Pier to Poole Harbour, the home of Sunseeker International and the new Sunseeker Showcase facility. We take a look back at Sunseeker; the brand, the heritage and most importantly, the boats. From the early crafts of 1969 to the breaking new waves designs of the 21st century, Sunseeker strives to always seek more…


Back in 1969, in the English seaside town of Poole, Robert Braithwaite dreamt of building a new kind of boat. Using revolutionary materials and technology, his early designs were tailored to a handful of customers, keen to embrace new found freedoms. The first craft to launch was the Sovereign 17 in 1971, closely followed by the Sovereign 20. By 1972, the company was exhibiting at the Southampton Boat Show and keen to meet new customers.


A leap of courage and imagination, the Offshore 28 was the first of its kind made in Europe. It was our first true performance model, winning sales in the south of France, Spain and Germany, and launching the company as Sunseeker International. As the innovative hull designs set greater performance standards, so the sense of Sunseeker’s luxurious style was finessing.

Taking cues uniquely from how their owners wanted to use their boats, this refreshing and prolific stance put distance between Sunseeker and their competitors. Not to mention bringing them closer to their customers. In the Portofino 31, the focus shifted from overnight accommodation to cockpits that could host large groups of people, yielding a wide and comfortable two-cabin boat that oozed style. Sunseeker had put the emphasis on enjoyment, fun and high performance, an era of confidence that manifested itself in the remarkable Tomahawk 37.


Into the nineties, style became an even bigger factor. With this firmly in mind, Sunseeker began to observe the softer shapes employed within automotive design.

This, combined with an awakened desire amongst owners for larger boats led to the Renegade 60, our very first production boat with twin jet drives, seamlessly fusing performance, style and exceptional maneuverability. The true recognition? Applause by the competition on its dramatic entrance to the Southampton Boat Show in 1990. Another perception-altering boat of this time was the Predator 80, with the most sumptuous interior seen in a Sunseeker yet, but more importantly, it was fitted with astonishing triple Arneson surface drives.


The turn of the century saw Sunseeker set the pace with the launch of their then-largest ever motoryacht, the 105 Yacht. Advanced composite materials and the latest construction techniques created a true triumph. Continuing apace – literally, with a top speed of 32 knots – the industry’s true innovators had delivered a motoryacht of inspirational design, winning two of the world’s most prestigious accolades at the International Superyacht Design awards.





This event is now closed, thank you to all everyone involved.


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