Protecting our Oceans

Our work with the Blue Marine Foundation

We are passionate about the world’s oceans and seas. Our luxury yachts have been crafted so that Sunseeker owners all around the world can enjoy them to their fullest potential.

We strive to be global leaders in all that we do and it’s important to us that we also do our part to help protect one of our most valuable resources, so that we – and future generations – can all continue to enjoy our precious time on the water.

How can you get involved?

The importance of this programme cannot be underestimated and over the coming months, as the project gets underway, we will be contacting all our key stakeholders, including owners and captains, to help them get involved in various programmes whilst in Menorca.

With your support we can help achieve a ‘win-win’ for conservation, sustainable fishing and tourism – all helping us – and our future generations – to preserve and enjoy the stunning waters of Menorca.

If you would like to register your interest in supporting this project and BLUE on further initiatives, please click here

About our Blue Marine Foundation partnership

We are very proud to be working with the Blue Marine Foundation, a global charity that is dedicated to creating marine reserves around the world and establishing sustainable models of fishing, which helps to support healthy oceans.

Established in 2010, the Blue Marine team was the driving force behind the award-winning documentary film The End of the Line – a programme that really brought to the world’s attention the crisis of industrial scale fishing.

BLUE’s aim is to protect and enhance 10% of the world’s oceans by 2020 and 30% by 2030 via projects across the world. And we want to help them do just that.

By utilising the generosity and very unique qualities of all the Sunseeker family – our customers, dealers, suppliers and employees – and through our partnership with BLUE, we will make a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of our oceans.


Seeking to make a difference with our first project

We are supporting BLUE with a special project on the island of Menorca, helping to positively influence the future of its marine environment. Many of our customers know and love Menorca and we hope that as a result of this work, a recognised model of conservation will be developed that works for marine life and those living in and enjoying the island. We hope to then widen out the programme across Europe and further afield.

Menorca is deemed as one of the last unspoiled areas of the Mediterranean and boasts an abundance of marine life. It’s a main spawning area for bluefin tuna and is home to 628 species of seaweed, fish and shellfish. Unfortunately, the island also faces increased pressure from unregulated fishing, tourism and pollution, and the current marine protection scheme is proving ineffective.

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This challenge presents an ideal opportunity to us to make a tangible difference in protecting Menorca’s marine environment, working alongside BLUE and local partners. It’s proven that healthy marine reserves are more resilient to pollution, and as part of this project we will be undertaking a number of initiatives:
• Development of eco-moorings to preserve seagrass beds and improve the environmental impact of tourism
• Creating a dedicated monitoring programme – investing in patrol vessels and marine ‘rangers’
• Establishing key relationships with local fishermen to help them become part of the solution, including developing a ‘code of conduct’ to guide responsible commercial and recreational fishing
• Supporting specific initiatives to clean marine reserves and remove plastic waste and abandoned fishing nets
• Creation of ‘More Fish, Less Plastic’ reusable biodegradable shopping bags which will be distributed across the island

Project Menorca Launch Event  

With the recent launch of ‘Project Menorca’, the Sunseeker team hosted a two-day launch event on the Balearic island.

Meeting with the Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE), Menorca Preservation Fund and a host of local stakeholders including representatives from the LEADER association, OBSAM and the local fishing association.

Members of the media were also invited to the launch to find out more about the issues that threaten the island. They included titles from the marine sector, lifestyle, national and international media.

Read more about the Launch event here.


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