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The Sunseeker 40 Metre Yacht Meets London’s Tower Bridge

What happens when two British icons get together?  We get a truly spectacular sight to behold, and that was certainly the case when the Sunseeker 40 Metre Yacht took to the Thames earlier this week.

Photographed against the stunning back drop of Tower Bridge, the 40 Metre Yacht really was a breath taking sight to see.  And their iconic British nature is not the only thing that the 40 Metre Yacht and Tower Bridge have in common.  In fact they share many traits such as stunning design, intricate detail and fine engineering.

These shots were taken earlier this week by photographer Tom Benson and we think they do a fantastic job of showcasing the streamlined profile of the 40 Metre Yacht and its sharp ocean-going bow.  However, what these pictures don’t show is the yacht’s equally striking interior, which spans across three decks.

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