With marine conservation as the theme for this year’s 50th anniversary show, Sunseeker will be highlighting the topical issue with an immersive experience that will demonstrate the importance of protecting our seas and oceans for future generations.

For 2018, Sunseeker will have a new stand layout in Solent Park and as part of the new design, Sunseeker will include a compelling exhibition in conjunction with its long-term charity partner, The Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE); a charity dedicated to creating marine reserves around the world and improving biodiversity.

The exhibition, that will be free to guests of the show, will highlight the facts and the problems we currently face globally, with increased pressure from unregulated fishing, tourism and pollution.

Britain’s biggest boat builder will be showcasing its commitment to tackling the issue with details on its partnership with BLUE and its recently launched marine conservation programme on the Balearic Island of Menorca.

The newly launched ‘Project Menorca’ will establish a recognised model of conservation, supported by local partners on the island, including the Menorca Preservation Fund.

Project Menorca will support local fisheries in creating a model of sustainable fishing, establish a network of ‘eco-moorings’ to preserve seagrass beds, protect marine reserves by removing plastics and ‘ghost’ fishing nets, distribute recyclable bags across the island and recruit on-water rangers for various marine monitoring programmes.

As part of the exhibition at Southampton Boat Show, the solutions that Sunseeker is implementing in Menorca will be highlighted as tangible ways to encourage everyone to think about how they can help protect our most valuable resource.

Sunseeker is extremely passionate about marine conservation, and its dedication to encouraging boat users to be even more responsible on the water is highlighted by its support for the BLUE Marine Yacht Club eight-point ‘Charter’.

Commenting on the exhibition space, Marketing Director at Sunseeker International, Simon Clare said: “We are delighted to include an exhibition space at this year’s show following our launch of ‘Project Menorca’ earlier this month. We will be welcoming show attendees to visit the exhibition and find out about the vital work that is carried out by BLUE and what we are doing on Menorca to preserve the seas for future generations.”

For this year’s Show, Sunseeker is committed to removing as much single-use plastic from its stand as possible with a view to completely remove it going forward. For more information on Sunseeker’s partnership with BLUE, its launch of Project Menorca and how you can help the cause, visit:

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